Learn To Unfreeze The Frozen Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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When the screen gets stuck on one image, it is called as frozen phone or screen. This is not stressed taking problem, but the problem is something which can be solved with the hardware. The problem might have some different indications; all they depend on the problem from where it is started. In the post, we will break out some ways which allow an individual to unfreeze or fix the problem of the frozen mobile phone. If in case, the problem will get out of hand, at that time calling note 9 screen repair service might be the best option. So if you are one of them who is the owner of this mobile phone or some other android, reading the information will bring outstanding information for them.

When frozen on certain screen

  • If your phone will get frozen on a particular thing, there is one thing to do for solving the problem and make the phone respond again which is:
  • Press the volume down and power keys and hold it at the same time for 10 seconds or more. This will help to take the phone back in its previous situation.
  • If someone is familiar with the batter pull process, then one can go for it also. Pull the battery out and place it again in it. This will also work to bring the previous situation on the phone. It is also an effective solution to unfreeze the frozen phone.

What on the black screen?

  • If the screen gets frozen on a black screen, then one should do:-
  • Do the same as did with the frozen on a certain screen. Press the volume down button and power keys and hold them for 10 or more seconds to work.
  • If still, your phone will not come in working condition, consulting from note 9 screen repair service will be the best option.