Why Every Gym Should Have A Rowing Machine?

Health and Fitness

A rowing machine is one of the most fundamental parts of every gym out there. The best part of a rower is that it works on all the major body muscles and you benefit from a comprehensive body workout. In other words, rowing machine is excellent for your optimum fitness and health. The post below offers a brief on why rowing machines are indispensable for your gym.

Strong aerobic workout

Aerobic exercise is always recommended to keep your lungs and heart healthy. Rowing machine assures strong aerobic workout which raises heart rate as well as boosts oxygen intake that ensures great cardio exercise. Aerobic exercises release a steady flow of endorphins that further enhance sleep quality and mood. Rowing also increases stamina and strengthens immune system.

Steady weight loss

A rowing machine is a must if you are looking for an effective way to get rid of your extra pounds. Do you know rowing can burn 600 calories and that too in an hour? Yes, it’s true. In fact, rowing machines are considered to be more effective especially in burning calories compared to other workout machines in the market.

Both upper & lower body exercise

One of the best benefits of rowing machines is that these assure complete workout for both upper & lower body. It’s like- just one machine and you are all sorted. Your will benefit from strong shoulder and back which would keep back pain at bay.

Increased energy

If you exercise on rowing machine regularly, you will benefit from more stamina, more energy and more drive to work harder.

Data on metrics

Modern rowing machines come with LCD displays that feature major workout metrics so that users can gauge the quality, level and progress of their workout. For example, Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower with PM5 Monitor offers data on all important metrics like calories, speed, distance, watts and power-curve efficiency.