4 Best Free Gantt Chart Tools For 2019


Are you too busy to create a Gantt Chart for your new project? Well, no worries you have Gantt Chart software programs to carry all the legwork for you. The best part is, some of them are even available for free. Much to your convenience, the post below offers a brief on the top free Gnatt Chart tools for 2019.


This is one of the best free to download Gantt chart software in the contemporary market. The software is compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows. GanttProject will help you with smart task management, milestone setting as well as creation and comparison of baselines. It can also assist with Microsoft Project export or import.

Office Timeline Online

This is an excellent free no-download Gantt Chart maker. Along with its web-based app, it also comes with free of cost Power-Point add-in. In fact, it’s the sole web-based Gantt chart tool which can make PPT slides in user’s browser. Do you have your project details in Excel? Well, with this software, you would simply have to import everything from Excel to the program. There is no need to start the entire chart right from scratch. Visit https://www.officetimeline.com/online/gantt-chart-maker to learn more about the software.


It’s a leading project management tools suite which helps users with easy task management as well as allows to view them in varied formats teamwide. Previous users have spoken highly of its intuitive charts and also the task management features. TeamGantt allows you to access customizable views and planned versus actual timeline.


You have an open-source software here which is famous for its wide range of amazing features. The software is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows. OpenProject helps with a wide range of functions including task management, cost reporting, Scrum & Agile view, formation of user groups & permission as well as bug tracking.