Tips on discussing weed with teens

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Cannabis consumption among teens is growing at an alarming rate today. And, that’s dangerous. Teenage is a stage when human brain is still under development. Marijuana consumption at such an age could interfere with proper brain development. One of the main reasons here is marijuana is a big part of pop culture and rock music. Besides, online stores have made it really easy to buy cannabis. You can visit website, order your strain from the comfort of your home and get it delivered at your doorstep. As a parent, it’s your duty to help your kid from getting weed. Here is a brief on how you would discuss weed with teens.

Know the right time

Everything has a time. Cannabis is a sensitive topic and you have to wait for the right time to bring up the topic. Do not bring it up in the midst of a heated discussion. Rather wait for a time when your kid is in a cool mind and in a mood to talk.

Don’t lecture

Teens are stubborn and they don’t like lectures. It would be more effective if you approach the topic in the form of a friendly discussion. You may start with a slight humorous approach to create an amiable ambience so that your teen master can open up to you freely. Try to be his friendly guide if you want him to pay heed to your advice.

Talk about the dangers

Tell him in detail about the negative side effects of cannabis. Show articles and other such materials from reputed sites that discuss about the damaging impact of marijuana. Reveal the scientific reasons on why weed can be dangerous, especially for teens.

Know the reason

Try to know the reason behind your teen’s inclination to cannabis and offer alternative solutions. For example, if it’s due to stress, suggest him other healthy activities like meditation to get rid of the bad habit.