How Fast is Microblading?

Arts and Entertainment

Do you love the stars at the recent Met Gala? They look like gods and goddesses. Their flawless visage is the envy of ordinary mortals like us. Actors like Nina Dobrev makes you want to microblade your brows to look like her. And so you must. Not because you feel bad about yourself. It’s because it is the latest trend in facial style. It makes you look refined. When done, it looks flawless. Like you woke up one morning looking like Angelina Jolie!

The Facts

Microblading is categorized under permanent makeup. Thus, this is also an art and is also called Eyebrow Embroidery. What a fancy term! It is not as painful as skin tattooing. And although it can be permanent, it can also be semi-permanent. People with skin conditions like keloid and eczema should not do this. Breastfeeding women should not undergo microblading, it can take time, and it can also cost you.


It depends on the expert. Microblading should last from 1 to 3 years. You need to go back after 30 days after the procedure. Thus, this is to inspect if there is a need for a retouch. Inspection of ink patterns follows. Flaws can occur, but this is seldom to rare. The eyebrows will still follow their natural pattern. Hence, repeated treatment can happen. If you have an almost bald eyebrow, then one procedure can be enough. Make sure to apply skin ointment after the treatment to sooth the skin. Avoid getting direct sunlight after the procedure, and you must consider skin type and skincare routine. Thus, this will ensure long-lasting desired results.


If you are a social media influencer or love to watch video tutorials, then probably you love perfect looking eyebrows. That is why Instagrammers like GiGi Hadid acquired millions of followers. She offers tips on clothes, skin care, including facial care. Learn more about facial care by Googling “microblading in South Florida.”