Why Is Football The Dominant Sport Around The World?


Ask any kid regarding his favourite sport, and he will be the most excited to reply back, football. In some parts of the world, it is also called soccer, but this fact doesn’t have any effect on this sport being the favorite. Be it any part of the world, not only the kids but the adults are also fans of this sport. It is in the thrill of the game. For most of the people, a football match is an emotional roller coaster ride. Such is the impact of football on the fan’s mind that he or she may agree to go out on a date with you if it is to their favorite team’s match or after their team has won. People worship this sport. And it is for this reason that online poker games such as domino qq are not played by people.

What is it that has made this sport so popular?

The credit might be given to the players, who provide a face to the game. A human might not be so inclined to a hundred-meter field but is purely more inclined towards another human being. That is what the players are doing for the sport. In several parts of the world, the game is recognized by the face of a famous player. People might miss the finale of the series if their favourite player is not in it. Such is the fandom that these players have. Another major reason is that the centrally located race, which has colonized more than three fourth of the world once, had this game as an option for their leisure time.

Then there are all these other merchandises, like t-shirts, video games, personalized footballs, jerseys and many more. The sport has become an inseparable part of the culture. More than just a sport, it is a part of the personality, a style statement.