Overview On Getting Permission To Post A Lyric Video On Youtube

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Lyric Videos are flooding the YouTube feed! The platform is full of them and they just keep getting more and more. The reason behind is the popularity of these videos. Lyric videos get a huge viewership and it takes very little time and effort to create them. In addition to these, the cost of producing one is negligible in comparison to conventional music videos. The question is, can you make a lyric video? Then answer is, yeah! You can use online services like https://lyricsvideo4u.com/ but that is not the end. You need to get the permission to upload the video. Here is how:

Without rights you are not allowed to publish any copyrighted content on YouTube, for that you must ask for the license from the music label.

You can go and contact YouTube legal department as they are the ones who manage these production related issues. You can also get a license for a fixed amount of time you can do this by buying Creative Common (CC) License, this gives you the right to use the content for say a year. There are many websites that allow that, you can just go and get the license, one-year subscription can cost around $ 15 to $ 50 depending the song whose rights you want to buy.

If you want to get your video monetized then it will be best to make sure your audience can support you if you are planning to buy rights. This means, if your income from YouTube is good enough for you to buy these rights, then and only then should you buy them. You can not monetize your video unless you have 10,000 subscribers.

You can also contact the distributer to get the rights.

This was just a simple overview on getting rights of music for your videos.