Top 4 Adventure Games for 2019


Are you on the lookout of new releases in the adventure gaming world this year? The online gaming world is always fun. You have fantasy games, educational games, shooter games and of course card games that you can play with just klik disini.  Adventure games also stand for a popular gaming genre. The great part is, avid adventure gamers have a cool line of options to explore this year.


What would you do if you get stuck in a nightmarish place with your bestie? And for challenge, you have a big bad demon who is hell-bent to make life miserable for you two.  Well, Afterparty is about all that and much more. If you don’t mind a spooky vibe with right dose of adventure, this is the perfect game for you. It can be played on Mac and PC.

Beyond Blue

This game is your thing if you are up for some under-water adventure. The protagonist here is very brave Mirai, the leader of a research team which is involved into discoveries inside ocean core. As a player, you will have to resolve man-made threats such as oil spills and plastic waste. The game has been developed by E-Line Media in collaboration with none other than BBC. Beyond Blue can be played on Mac, PC, Xbox One and PS4.

In The Valley of Gods

The game is set on the backdrop of mesmerizing Egyptian landscapes where you have two valiant women, Zora and Rashida, exploring the ruins. You can expect the same gripping storytelling here as you have enjoyed with “Firewatch” since its from the same maker itself. the game can be played on Mac and PC.

Life is Strange 2

The main protagonists here are brother duo Daniel and Sean. A traumatic incident has forced them to flee from their home and the game is how these two young guys set everything in order once again.