Car Rental Insurance 101: Things To Know About Insurance Coverage When Renting A Car


If you have already rented a car, you might have been informed and warned by some sales agents at the car rental company about the possible results of not availing car rental insurance. At first, you might be confused about the offer and intrigued at the same time. So to help you out, this article is designed to provide you some facts and necessary information about car rental insurance so you’ll be able to be aware about this topic the next time you rent a car.

Your own car insurance or car rental insurance

This should be the very first question that you need to ask if you take car rental into consideration. Basically, there are some policies that other car as long as you are the one driving it. There are different rules in using rental car for business or personal purposes.

Safety Net of Credit Card

Car rentals Mississauga has a policy that use credit cards to cover rental cards as long as the credit card is registered under your name. Automatically, you will have the coverage of car rental insurance if the policy is included with the credit card.

Be informed

Another effective and safe way to know about the insurance policy as well is through contacting your own insurance provider. This will clear everything that you need to ask. You should not just rely on the car insurance agents of the car rental company but you should also consult your own provider so there will be no trouble in the future.

Check the contract

Now that everything has settled, one important job that you should learn to do is to carefully check the contract of car rental before signing it. Make sure to ask also your agent if you have any questions.