Are you worried about your iphone battery draining out fast? Maybe it’s high time to replace it!


I have seen a lot of people whining about their phones draining out of battery fast! Well, it is something to worry about! If you are also worried about the same issue, replace iphone battery and get a new one from the apple store for $29 only! Well to replace it, you first need to make sure it has lived its time and now it can’t work any longer or any better.

Here is how you find out if your battery is of no use anymore.


This is no Einstein equation where you need to do a typical calculation to know that your phone’s battery is draining out fast. You can check out the battery life and health of your battery just from a few quick observations.


  • Firstly, to check the battery life, notice the period for which your phone stays active. This is the period when you charge your phone and the time when you recharge it. If it is reasonable, you are good to go, otherwise, do some further investigations!


  • Go to settings of your phone and then click on the battery option. See the maximum capacity of the battery. It must be 80% or above to ensure that the battery is in a healthy condition. Also, check the normal peak performance of the battery. It has to be healthy.


In the end, if you conclude that your battery is damaged and needs to be replaced, head on to the apple store. The staff there will recommend you the best battery as per your product, and your phone will work smoothly like before! Tip: while you are there, get your phone updated as well and there you go home with a phone that is as good as new!