Top Mistakes People Make When Using LED Grow Lights When Starting Their Garden

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Even if you are using the best led grow lights for indoor plants, there are still a few unavoidable mistakes that new outdoor farmers make. Listed below are some of those mistakes. Be sure to read this article in order to be aware of these potentially costly mistakes and prevent them before they happen.

1. LED light source is too close to the plants

One sign that the plants are getting an excessive amount of high temperature if the foliage that is near to the light source are becoming brown in color. Another indicator of too much heat is the appearance of thin marks around the leaves. If you see any of these signs, act rapidly so that you will have the opportunity to avoid additional problems. If several leaves are straightening or curling, it may also be a sign of the plant being very near to the light source. This problem can be solved by moving the light source further, or by improving the ventilation.


2. Installing the light sources at an inappropriate place

As stated in the first item, overheating can be triggered if the lighting device is not installed correctly. Inversely, it can also result in inadequate light to your plants. Be sure to check if your plants are receiving too much or too little light. You cannot find any general guideline for establishing the space between the plant and the LED light source, but it is suggested that you install LED lights between 12 to 18 inches from the crops.

3. Using cheap but low quality products

Lighting is one of the essential things to take into account when raising plants since it activates the photosynthesis procedure. If you are making use of standard incandescent lamps, it is very probable that you will grow weak plants with low quality produce.