Evolution of Video Games Systems


The video gaming systems offer amazing graphics and effects, and it is important to choose the trending video game system to get fantastic features. Earlier in the 80’s and 90’s, the children tend to invite their friends at home who has the best and latest console. No matter what the age is, people love to spend time playing video games and collecting more numbers of games like gambling games and to play them visit domino99.

Know the evolution of video game system through points:-

  1. The Brown Box

In the year 1967, the first video gaming console was invented and was known as The Brown Box. It was just a rectangular wooden box attached to the controllers. It was designed in such a way to be connected with the TV and players.

  1. Magnavox Odyssey

This was the first home video console and was created by Magnavox. He tends to release many new models on a regular basis and tend to improve the Odyssey systems. The video game consoled outshine in their processors and graphics.

  1. 70’s released Nintendo, Mattel and Philips

Nintendo was the most preferred and popular gaming console in the 70’s. Mattel introduced the Intellivision console and was on growth by introducing Telstar Sportsman, Gemini consoles and many others.

  1. The Early 80’s

The early 80’s was the period of innovation when the gaming segment took the accurate shape. The gaming industry tends to differentiate between the different genre of games that include fighting games, adventure and others.

  1. During 90’s

There was a great change during 90’s as the video gaming systems functioned. The best video game consoles of 90’s were Philips CD-i, Sega CD, Atari and many others.

The evolution of video gaming consoles can be known through points. Today, the technology used in gaming systems is excellent, and people love to play video games.