A handy guide to recover iPhone messages on Mac?


Do you need to check your deleted iPhone messages? It could be that you have unmindfully deleted some of the old messages and now you need them urgently. Well, nothing to worry as you can always recover your iPhone messages on Mac. But, how to recover imessages from iphone on mac? The post below offers an easy guide to follow here.

Before getting into the steps, it should be mentioned here that you will need a Mac compatible iPhone data recovery software here. You will need to download and install this software right in your Mac.

Step 1

After you install the software, look for something like “Recover from the Ios Device”. Click on it, then select message type. After that, connect the Ios device right to your Mac.

Step 2

Then, the software will scan your phone. The scanning will let it churn out the old messages that got deleted from the phone.

Step 3

After the scanning is complete, you will be able to view the messages. But, you are certainly not interested in every message that the program has churned out. You will get a preview option. Click on it to choose only those messages that you wish to recover as well as view on your Mac.

Through iTunes backup

You can even retrieve deleted messages through iTunes backup right from your Mac. Here are the steps:

Step 1

Akin to the previous guide, you will have to launch a data recovery software on Mac.

Step 2

Go to a tab that says something like “Recover from the iTunes backup”. Click on it and then tap on “Start”.

Step 3

Select your desired message type.

Step 4

Select particular iTunes backup. Then, click on “Scan”.

Step 5

Preview information after your iTunes has been scanned.

Step 6

Recover the desired messages and then view them in your free time on Mac.