Why should you get gel insoles for your shoes?

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Gel shoe insoles are all about ultimate comfort for your feet. Protected and relaxed feet are always more agile which eventually ensures better performance while on the field. So, what are these gel shoe insoles? Well, as the name says, these insoles are infused with advanced Gel Technology that allows 10% better movement than normal shoe insoles.

Understanding Gel technology in insoles

The Gel insoles are designed with ergonomically aligned gel core which helps to absorb shock experienced by feet while walking, running or jumping. This way, the gel layer absorbs much of the impact encountered by the feet and keeps the feet relaxed. The most significant aspect of the gel insole is its heel area. It’s the heel of your foot which is usually stressed when you engage in intense physical activities. Thus, the gel insoles carry tender gel cushion in their heel areas to ensure optimum cushioning for the wearer’s heels.

On the other hand, the gel insoles are powered with a firmer gel cushion in midfoot area. The firmer gel renders support to foot arch for easy motion. Besides, these insoles are also infused with a shock-absorbent soft gel layer for ball of your foot. The soft layer on the upper part of the insole keeps ball of your foot protected when you engage in high-intense activities.

Benefits of gel shoe insoles

The primary benefit of gel insoles is definitely improved comfort of your feet. No matter how great a sportsman you are- you cannot assure optimum performance if your feet are in discomfort. In fact, your regular walk or stroll would be compromised of your heel don’t get proper cushioning. Gel insoles solve all these issues and help to keep your performance at the peak. Not only that, the gel insole even prevents painful foot conditions that arise from a discomforted foot.