Is Sexting A Recent Emerging Crisis For Relationships?


Sexting refers to sending, receiving and forwarding messages and pictures that are sexual in nature over the digital devices such as mobile phones, computers, or laptops. Sexting is a recent and growing trend, especially in the younger generation. It is further being brought in use with the use of mobile phones growing each day.

What is considered ‘sexting’?

Many people have warmed up to the concept of sexting but as the concept is new, there is no exact definition of sexting. People have different opinions regarding sexting as the scope of what is considered sexting is very broad. If the usage of social media platforms and video calls for sending and receiving sexual messages is also included in the concept, the definition seems even blurrier.

Is Sexting useful for relationships?

Sexting can also be useful for people in relationships, especially for the couples having long-distance relationships as this can deepen the bond between sexual partners add some aspects to enhance committed relationships. Some people genuinely use sexting as a means to show their passion and other sides of themselves to their partners.

Sexting outside relationships

There are some people who feel like the passion and excitement in their relationships have died out and so, they like to send sexual messages to people other than their partners while some people merely want to add something to spice up their lives. With the ease of sexting, this kind of behavior is increasingly growing and people have own opinions regarding whether this is ethical or not and is it considered cheating with your partner?

Sexting, in some ways, can prove to be both beneficial and harmful for relationships but if the involved couples are not secretive about it, it can be considered a fine choice add ‘something extra’ to your life. If you are in a long-distance relationship and feel like sexting is immoral and not something people should do, you can also check out to satisfy yourself without any problem.