9 Silly Mistakes To Avoid Buying Or Installing Shower Wall Panels

Home Imrprovement

Bathrooms are important. A well-furnished bathroom can give your day the correct start. One needs to be very careful while installing a new shower wall panels. They are a stylish and affordable alternative to tiling.

Keeping in mind the importance of bathroom shower and Bathroom Wall Panels, let’s discuss 9 silly mistakes to avoid when installing them.

Choosing the wrong backer board

Choose an appropriate backer board system. Different wall panels use different backer boards. Install the backer board before putting up the wall panel.

Not removing the old tiles

Remove the old ceramic tile before installing a new backer board. It contains moisture behind and could cause the growth of molds.

Ignoring the stud space

Know the correct stud spacing before choosing the recessed niche. Take a demo of the shower and then buy niches.

Not looking for options

Shower panels are available in a variety of shades and patterns. Search for interesting wall panels across stores and online platforms.

Not installing plywood beforehand

Put plywood between the studs when installing shower panels. It would be helpful to put grab bars for safety.

Not buying simpler panels

Buy panels that you could install yourself or which could be installed by one person. Getting simple -to-install panels could reduce your labor costs.

Using low-quality adhesive

Use manufacturer-recommended adhesive so that the panel sticks firmly. A badly stuck shower wall panel could be disastrous.

Buying panels with unfinished edges

Install shower wall panels that come with prefinished edges. It would save extra finishing cost and you would get desired finished edges.

Buying only acrylic panels

Shower wall panels are also available as PVC composite stone panels, solid surface wall panels, fiberglass wall panels, and contemporary high gloss wall panels. Choose a material that suits your budget and requirements.

The bathroom is a vital part of your everyday life. Make sure you avoid these silly mistakes when buying shower wall panels.