Best Hacks To Garner Twitter Followers

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One of the largest social media sites today, Twitter is bustling with 321 million users/month. No wonder, the competition is sky-high on the social media network. You need some killer hacks to inspire attention from your target niche to stand out in the crowd. The post below offers some expert tips to garner Twitter followers and widen your follower base.

Be informative

If you are only interested about posting about yourself, you are not going to receive active interest from other users. 80% of your posts should be informative and offer something of value to readers or users. If you want people to follow you, give them a sold reason for the same.

Post visual contents

Text-based contents are no doubt great. But visual contents command a better appeal. Anything that is visual is easier to grasp and remember compared to long paragraphs of text. So, try to count on images, videos, charts and infographics to inspire attention from your target niche.

Know the time

As per several studies, 3 p.m. and that too on weekdays, is reportedly the most effective time to tweet to garner followers. But then, every industry has its own unique needs. So, this “3 p.m.” rule might not be the ideal thing for you. Do your own research to find out the time when your target niche is the most active. Schedule your best posts for that “ideal” time.

Purchase real active followers

Buying Twitter followers is a great way to enhance your follower base. But make sure to buy real active twitter followers. There is no point of getting fake or irrelevant followers as they won’t be able to contribute anything to your profile. Similarly, buying inactive followers will be simply waste of money. Your focus should be on those who are related to your industry and can actively contribute to your profile.