Best Websites for Online Dress-up Games you must try today

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It’s great to play Bandar Judi online,  but you want to have simple breaks every now and then. That’s when you want to find easy to play and relaxing dress-up games. These games are perfect if you have a little girl at home too. See this list for the best sites to enjoy dress-up games online:

  1. Games2Girls

This is an amazing dress-up site. It has hundreds of online games in loads of categories, from adventure games to makeover games. The games are all ‘on-site’ so you don’t have to worry about any unwanted adverts or broken links. There is definitely something for everyone here. Highly recommended.


This site has been around for many years. It is easy to find different kinds of games as they are all handily categorized. Categories range from animal dress-up games to toddler  amp; baby dress-up games. New games are added on a daily basis and all have been vetted before being listed. Another highly recommended site.

  1. Sky Breeze Games

Another well established site featured lots of dress-up games. The games here are generally a little more grown-up, with titles like ‘Back-to school’ and ‘Prom 2008’ but they are all professionally done with lots of options.


This dress-up games site concentrates mainly on fashion games. Each game features a model with a different range of clothes. The games are very professionally done, have loads of options and are quick loading. Very good site.

  1. Virtual Toy Dress Up Dolls

As the name suggests this site is all about online virtual dolls and dressing them up. The games are a little slow to load compared to some of the other sites but they are still good to play and there is plenty to do here.


This is a smaller site compared to the others. All the games are created by a single designer and have a nice cohesion about them. They are all virtual dolls which can be dressed-up using a myriad of options. Nice site.


‘Free online fashion games for girls and kids’ is how they describe themselves and there certainly are a lot of games here. Categories range from animal games, Bratz games, beauty pageants, cooking games, fantasy dress-up games, fashion games, and lots, lots more. This is a very professional site and is recommended.

  1. Funcorder

This site features free online flash games. Sections include girl makeovers, dressup, animals, dolls, room makeovers and more. The room makeovers section is particularly good and there are really hundreds of games to play here. Very good site.

  1. Girls Go Games

Similar to the excellent Games2Girls site but with slightly different games. There are easy to navigate categories which have been well thought out, and all the games a self-contained within the site. All kinds of fun and interesting games here. Another good site.

  1. Dress Up Who

This site has the tagline ‘Dress Up Games of Everyone for Everyone’. Doesn’t quite scan but I think I get the idea. There certainly are a lot of games at this site. Again they are all well categorized and the site is very bright, cheerful and colorful. There are some great games too.

  1. Puter Dolls

This site is created and maintained by the same person as the excellent site. The games are unique to the site and there are many to choose from. They are all dar and drop dress-up games as well as some very good scene maker games. Nice site.

  1. Yahoo Korean Games for Girls

OK, the site is in Korean but it’s quite easy to find your way around. The games are really cute and very playable. There are simply hundreds to choose from, ranging from simple dress-up games to trickier games like hair salon ones and pet grooming ones. Very good site.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy!