Dragon City Guide – 3 crucial tips for new players!


According to professionals, lots of incredible games are out there, and Dragon City is one of them. it is one of the best battle game that is associated with almost 100 different dragons.  Therefore, it is considered a little bit complicated game where you will face a lot of difficult issues while creating strategies. Therefore, you have to build a particular strongest dragon in the game.  Before initiating the game, one should check the abilities and power of a dragon. Following are powerful dragons are available in the game like-

  • Electric
  • Terra
  • Flame

Make sure that you are collecting an incredible dragon that will help you in achieving certain goals in the game.  Majority of the folks are searching on the Internet how to play dragon city cheats. Here are 3 crucial tips for the Dragon city players.

  • Currency and essential points

According to the proficient gamers, if you have downloaded Dragon city, then you should pay close attention to lots of important things like Food, Gem, Exp and other things. In order to earn a lot of gold, then one should complete quests on a regular basis. Exp is considered as important that will surely help you in improving the level in a game. If you have sufficient EXP, then one will able to unlock powerful dragons and buildings with ease.

  • battles

You will find two different types of modes in the Dragon city, like Combat world and stadium fights as well. If you want to win the battle, then you should always opt dragons with a high-level attack.

Moreover,  you should always consider a genuine character in the dragon city that will able to produce a significant amount of damage in the game.