Football: The Origin And History Of This Sport

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Football, the world’s most favorite sports game that spans more than a century. A sport that can be played through kicking or tackling a ball. The homeland of football in England which began in 1863. But the scientific study shows that football has numerous origins. Like in China, they called it Tsu’ Chu that originated in the Han dynasty. It consists of a ball that is made of leather and filled with hair and feathers. While others in countries such as Greece called it “Episkyros.” It has only a few details that survived. But the most well-known to help the evolution of football in Britain. It also developed the most modern-day sports such as association football and rugby football.

The Universal Growth

The change in football did not come until the beginning of the 19th century. Football became mandatory sports in the school in England. Particularly became famous within public schools. Each school set its own rules and adaptations. But the traditional way and aspects of the game remained as it is. As time passed by, Education authorities saw the impact of the sport, making it compulsory for every school curriculum. The sports served to encourage exceptional qualities such as cooperation, selflessness, and loyalty. The spread of football in other countries is mainly due to the British influence abroad.

The Creation of FIFA

The FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) was founded in 1904. It forms an international competition with the national associations from other neighboring countries. It includes Spain, Sweden, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Denmark. It also has six regional confederations. It includes Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, Oceania, and North & Central America and the Caribbean. The purpose of making this association is to determine the most qualified and best football teams around the world. It also includes World Cup and Women’s World Cup.


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