Getting Access To Medicinal Cannabis In Australia

Health and Fitness

Medical cannabis also called medicinal marijuana is a drug used only when prescribed by a doctor to his patients. Medicinal marijuana is generally used to treat epilepsy. All around the world including Australian territories or states an approval is required by a medical practitioner. The practitioner should additionally check whether the patients actually need cannabis and also for any relevant state approvals to prescribe this particular medicine.

Medical practitioners should review SAS (Special Access Scheme) and Authorized Prescriber before applying for access to medicinal cannabis for their patients.

License and permissions required

  • The byproducts or similar products to cannabis are cannabis resins, extracts, oils, tinctures of cannabis and cannabinoids.
  • All these drugs or medicines are under imports prohibition regulations since 1956. That is the reason why a proper license is given high importance before prescribing the drug to any individual.
  • ODC- Office of Drug Control has rules, regulations and the license requirements for prescribing and accessing any type of prohibited drug mentioned in the regulations.
  • License applications, forms and permits are also available on ODC website.
  • If in any case the cannabis product is not already imported by the medical practitioner, a pharmacist who is acting on behalf of the practitioner can apply for the license.
  • It might be possible that some of the suppliers have a stock of the drug and you can skip the part of importing by a pharmacist.
  • Contacting the nearest health department in your area might be a good start to have more information.

Businesses for marijuana dispensary

There are certain businesses in big cities like CA, London and other major cities of the world where accessing becomes easy. For example, marijuana dispensary in perris is the major place for these kinds of businesses where they buy and sell cannabis in stocks.