Getting The Best Benefits Out Of The High Altitude Training

Training & Performance

As said by many mountain athletes; altitude training is not as easy and cumulative as it sounds. There are many hidden subtleties in altitude training that a person needs to understand beforehand. Altitude training is not just about climbing the mountains and then get used to it, and then again climb down to live in the normal supply of oxygen. Some of the important things to keep in mind get the most out of an altitude training are discussed further.

Muscles getting efficient

Everybody knows that high altitude training can lead to an increased number of red blood cells, which in turn can lead to better oxygen flow. Other than this particular hematological enhancement, higher altitude can also strengthen the muscles. Training can change the gene expression of the powerhouse of the cell called mitochondria, which in turn makes the cells even more equipped to face any kind of sudden acid-base changes. This helps strengthen the muscles and in making them more equipped during higher intensity exercises and activities.

Timings are not fixed

If preparing for a big race or a big match, then going back to training or for the match itself needs a buffer time. However, buffer time between the altitude training and the match itself can change from player to player. Therefore take your time and decide in a normal way, as they’re certain factors that can vary from person to person.

Cross tolerance training

Many athletes tend to rely on cross-tolerance training to get the best of both the stress training. Heat training crossed with altitude training can help the body show the benefits of both the training. However, the final results may or may not show up in everyone. it is better to not mix the training, instead, it should be done sequentially.

There are a lot many other things to consider to get the best of the training at the heightened altitude. One should also keep a regular check on the hemoglobin count, should consume more food to let the body get used to the increased metabolism and should increase the iron content intake to avail proper RBC creation.