Holiday Gift Guide: From Handbags To Boots, Gifts For Girlie Girls


Is there a girlie girl on your list this holiday season? If so, here are some gift ideas that are sure to pinken up those rosy cheeks!


Every girlie girl needs a purse, pocketbook or handbag. It’s not only for practical reasons, like being able to take her lipstick with her wherever she goes. Handbags are also excellent accessories that complete an outfit. And don’t fret that designer handbags are out of your budget. There are places to shop for bargain designer handbags, and no one has to know the difference. You get Replica Bags and several other product with highest quality and that too at cheapest price. You can easily go through hundreds of products that are there on the website and choose the best one for yourself.


Tall boots are a wonderfully versatile addition to any girlie girl’s wardrobe. They go with slacks, skirts, and even some dresses. They’re one of the ten pairs of shoes that every woman needs in her closet. If you know your girlie girl’s shoe size, you can pick up a fantastic pair on Zappos for the holidays and have it shipped free of charge. If your girlie girl has a plus size figure, don’t fret. You can find wide calf boots for the holidays that will keep her girlie girl feet warm and dry.

A Pedicure.

Nobody’s thinking about pedicures during the winter months when your girlie girl’s toes are hidden in closed toed shoes or winter boots. But when the thaw comes, she’ll want to break out those sandals, and have her toes looking adorable. This is where you come in. If you purchase a certificate from a shop that offers pedicures, it’ll give your girlie girl something to look forward to when the snow finally melts!

A Vanity Mirror.

Nothing is more frustrating for a girlie girl than to be unable to put her make-up on properly because the bathroom is too crowded, not well-lit, or the mirror simply isn’t adequate. You can help by giving your girlie girl the gift of vanity this holiday season. A vanity mirror can be the kind that screws into the wall and magnifies everything so that she doesn’t accidentally get mascara in her eye. Or it can be the kind that lights up on her vanity table so that a girlie girl can more easily guide her pierced earrings into the holes. It’s best to get magnification of 7x or up.

Body Butter.

Girlie girls don’t just like to look cute, they like to have smooth skin and smell delectable too. That’s where body butter comes in. There are many different varieties, all designed to infuse a girlie girl’s skin with moisture and fragrance. But hands down, BeautiControl Spa Sugar brand is the best. You can pick it up from one of their sellers, or on Ebay for a steal.

A Clothing Store Gift Certificate.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a girlie girl who doesn’t love shopping for clothes. She probably has her own ideas about fashion, and the experience itself is likely a pleasure, so instead of trying to guess which sweater she’d love, how about giving her a gift certificate to her favorite clothing store?

Tinted Moisturizer.

Let your girlie girl know that you love her face just as it is, and that she doesn’t need a lot of make-up to be beautiful. The best tinted moisturizers will keep her skin looking fresh and protect her from the sun – yes, even in winter! It’ll also give her a bit of coverage, and the fresh, natural look you love. Plus, they make a great stocking stuffer for your girlie girl.

A Pair of Slippers.

Every girlie girl likes to curl up once in a while with a cup of tea and cocoa. For those lazy holidays, sitting around the fire and opening presents, make your girlie girl feel pampered with a pair of the best women’s slippers this season. It’s a way of hugging her toes and letting her know how much she means to you.