How To Make A Custom Sewing Machine Case


Custom sewing machine, imagine if we do not have sewing machines the clothing industry would collapse, as today almost every piece of clothing that we put one is being sewed by machines, gone are the days when the tailors used a needle and threads, also to with the variety of cloth being produced the needle cannot be used with all, for example, there is no way a needle without a machine would stitch a denim and hence we need to have sewing machine for jeans.

Why are custom sewing machines important?

Just for the basic reason sewing with hands takes a lot of time and time is something people today have paucity of, also the manual use of needle and thread is also inefficient for the types of demand of today, reconsider the jeans example.

Ways How Can One Make Custom Sewing Machine

Before making a case for the custom machines there are certain things to keep in mind, and certain equipment to have ready, to enable one to make a sewing machine case.

  • Hinges: hinges mount the machine to the case, these help in keeping the machine in place and also allows it to tilt back for cleaning purposes.
  • Tools: without tool one can’t build anything, thud one needs the following tools to build the case namely, tablesaw with cross-cut sled, brad nailer with air compressor drills and sanders, scroll saw and oscillating sander.
  • Measurements: for building a case one can’t use guesses and approximations and hence exact measurements are a must.
  • Base assembly: Another aspect of the case is base assembly one must pay equal attention to this bottom cased are cut and glued or nailed in a place.
  • Cover: Then comes, the covering step followed by handles and use.

These are a few ways by which one can build a custom machine sewing case.