Is Mario Kart Tour For Android And IOS Good?


Mario Kart Tour is known as a kart race video game. It is a cellular game in addition to being a spin-off video game from Mario Kart franchise. The game was developed for Android and iOS gadgets by Nintendo. The video game was declared back in January 2018, and was launched last September 25, 2019, on the two platforms it was advertised back in early 2018.

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Gameplay review

The race gameplay is somewhat more restricted and less complicated, which makes it a definite downgrade coming from Mario Kart 8, which is a really great racer from the same company, Nintendo. Nevertheless, the adaptation for one hand gameplay of mobile phones is dealt with properly. Typical tracks have been completely changed and remodeled to fully make use of the vertical point of view. The touch control buttons optimized for single touch work nicely. You can select standard turning controls in the settings, which is suggested for beginners. The drift control, however, is more intuitive especially when you are drifting a lot.

Changes made to the mobile version

This game is optimized for mobile gameplay. Among the list of clever aspects of Mario Kart Tour that makes up about its fault is the short time dedication needed by every play time. Race tracks are small and the races themselves are finished after a couple of laps, rather than the standard three laps. Finishing a race within a few minutes is very good. Similarly, a complete cup is merely 3 races as opposed to other games before it.