Popular materials for bathroom sink

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Are you about to buy sink for your bathroom? Now, the market of bathroom sink is wide and diverse. You will get to choose from plenty of options, based on your preferred shape and style. Moreover, bathroom sinks are available in diverse range of materials as well. The post below offers a brief on the popular materials used for crafting bathroom sinks.


A staple in almost every home, ceramic basin sets are widely popular. A major reason behind it is the strong durability of the ceramic surface. Then, ceramic basins are also resistant to chipping, scratching and other hard impacts. In fact, the modern basin market brings ceramic basins in a broad range of cool textures and finishes. As the ceramic material is completely sealed, it does not allow dirt to penetrate its surface. And that makes it extremely easy to clean and maintain ceramic basins.

Natural stone

The best natural stone sinks are made from marble, granite, sandstone and travertine. Needless to say, natural stone sinks are extremely strong and durable. Add on to it the classy aura of natural stones. However, stone sinks are usually expensive and demand regular maintenance.


If you want the elegant stone look for your basin but can’t afford the natural stone models, go for a more economical resin sink. It’s a “man-made stone” which is incredibly durable as well as a breeze to clean. The coolest part is you will get resin sinks in a wide variety of unique designs. Another great bit about resin sinks is that the material is resistant to scratches, discoloration and stains. But, then, you must be careful about not to use any sort of acid, ammonia or abrasive products on resin.


Glass basins are a sophisticated addition to any bathroom. Don’t worry, these basins are made from tempered glass which is way stronger compared to regular glass.