Science Fictional Technologies That Do Exist In Real Life


All of us have come across colorful and mysterious, fascinating fictional fantasies that seem to be influenced by scientific governance. Most works of science fiction may hardly seem to be true, yet, there’s a reason why they’ve been labeled “science fiction” and not just any fiction.

These tend to draw concepts and ideas that are brought to life (virtually) based on sound science and the related parameters up to some extent that it is conceived to be natural and possible by the viewers and readers ultimately. Well, there’s a good weight to think so too….

Most of these science-fictional technologies have been derived from several real-life examples and designs as well. The list will seem to get longer once you start wondering. A few unmistakably distinct ones are there, such as lightsabers, supersonic vehicles, and even personal AI assistants and robots to mention a few. As can be seen evidently, someone or something in real life has given inspiration to all this, and hence it has been made more fantastic and fictional through the course of fictional fabrication.

The Reality Realm

Robotic pets and companions, virtual reality, augmented reality, heads-up-displays are all instances of science fiction being realized. Although it is quite impossible to judge which came first, between the fictional work and the actual thing, obviously both have been jotted down about, somewhere in intellectual or literary works.

The very example of muama enence itself is more than enough to substantiate in this regard. It is such kind of innovative ideas that will arise later refined as fiction or fact. That is entirely defined on how realistic and practical the concept turns out to be. One can be very sure that the distant future holds clumped in its hand all the various possible and quite impossible technological advancements, so much that even mere fiction becomes something of more added substance. That means it’s safe to conclude that science fiction is more of science than fiction, hence the dreams in our world that have been realized, yet seem so fictional. No time machine, of course!