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In today’s world, each product is available in numerous types; likewise, wallpapers also have various kinds and styles. Wallpaper is considered as a fascinating segment in the sector of interior designing. Designing wallpaper requires artistic skills and talent. Many companies sold stylish wallpaper to attract the customer. Similarly, my company has a unique collection of murals and wallpapers. Think twice before choosing the most suitable wallpaper.

  • Traditional wallpaper

One of the most ancient categories of wallpaper falls under traditional wallpapers. The main component used to make wallpaper is cellulose. It may be single-layered or double-layered. Because of cellulose material, it is used in specific areas like bedrooms and living rooms. This type of wallpaper is kept away from the sun because, due to sunlight, the color of the wallpapers fades away. Therefore, it is affordable and readily available in the market.

  • Fiberglass wallpaper

From the name itself, the meaning of the word is evident as it is made up of fiberglass material. The fiberglass provides durability to the wallpaper as they are sturdy and offers a magnificent ceiling. Moreover, it protects the wall from damages and prevents flames from spreading. If the wall has any crack, then the better way to hide the break is to put fiberglass wallpaper. It keeps the wall away from dampness.

  • Bamboo wallpaper

The primary benefit of using the wallpaper made up of bamboo sticks is that it’s environmental friendly. As it is exacted from nature, the quality of the wallpaper is very superior, and they are long-lasting with no change in colors. The maintenance cost is more, as it requires timely cleaning and dusting. Due to the high moisture in the bamboo, it might cause some damages, so it is prevented from installing in kitchens.