Some of the Best Linux Educational Software For Your Kids

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Learning should be the primary goal of every parent for his or her children. Nowadays, kids are being prepared, tutored at home by their parents or by a hired tutor before enrolling them to pre-school. This helps your kids to be school ready and it also gives them an overview of what they will be doing in school. But with the advancement of technology, learning can also be acquired from different education software. According to studies, children of today’s generation are gadget learners. They easily learn a specific task or subject through online courses or videos. In this article, you will learn some of the best Linux educational software for your kids.

Google Earth

Google earth is the best choice for your kids if they have high interests in science, geography, and other earth related topics. One of its features is the 3D representation of our planet earth in reflection to the satellite image. It also provides world history, introduction to the outer space and many more. It is considered to be one of the most utilized Linux software as it is very accurate and free to download.

KDE Edu suite

This education software offers variety of lessons for your kids. It is also suitable for any range of age, gender and subject need. It also comes with free packages. The best thing about this educational program is that, it caters variety of lessons your kids need.


GNUKhata offers lessons about calculation, mathematics, and other numerical functions. This is the best choice if you want your kids to practice numbers so they will have advance learnings prior to enrolling to pre-school.


If you want your kids to learn multiples lessons which focus more on developing their critical thinking and logical reasoning, GCompris is the best linux educational software for you. This program comes with more than a hundred task for your kids to complete.


This software is designed for developing interactive lessons for your kids. This tool enhances your kids creativity, drawing skills, and attention to arts and its details.

Some of these educational software might be expensive but they are more than helpful to your kids growth and development. It is indeed important that as young as they are, you should initially provide them with learning materials that will develop their intellectual capability and skills. There are available resources both online and offline, you just need to getintopc for your kids and allow them to discover their skills.