Playing games have had a negative connotation towards adults and parents before, more so now that WHO has officially recognized video game addiction as mental health issue. However, despite all the negative perception towards video games, it is undeniable that it has benefits towards one’s mental health and well-being as it is one of the most popular stress-relieving activities most individuals indulge themselves into.

Aside from it benefits in mental health, as observed in various studies, playing video games even in situs judi online also have health benefits that not many are familiar with. Though scientific studies about its specific effects on one’s health is scarce, many have started utilizing video games as a supplemental recovery treatment for sick people.

The Gamers Outreach Foundation

In 2007, Zach Wigal, a professional video game player has started a non-profit organization named Gamers Outreach Foundation. The goal of the company is to provide gaming consoles and allow very ill kids to experience playing video games during treatment and while recovering inside the hospital. They have worked with various hospitals to place Gamers Outreach carts, popularly known as GO Karts, in a number of hospitals across the United States.

Games as a tool to heal

Although no concrete scientific evidence is available to support the effects of video games in healing, many medical practitioners have started using it indirectly to help in therapy and of ill kids being treated in the hospital. In one case, nurses have used GO Karts to address a kid’s fear and anxiety towards wound cleaning and bandage replacement.

The future of Gamers Outreach

It is estimated that about 8 kids benefit from a single GO Kart every day. If more medical practitioners become more aware of this alternative approach in treatment of ill kids, it is estimated that the number of patients benefitting from the foundation will increase to around 800,000 annually, and will cover other parts of the world.